About St Therese Vocational Training Centre  

St. Therese Vocational Training Center is led by the Society of Apostolic Life Dunum Dei Sisters belonging to the catholic order and with a high reputation in the hospitality industry for the past 60 plus years. The current director Sr. Georgette has developed the facility from its inception; she has worked as a director and has held various positions in the management chain over the last 21 years. She has an in-depth knowledge of the training and hospitality industry, including the operations. She and 14 other sisters from different countries, members of the Donum Dei congregation oversee the day-to-day running of the Center with the other staff. Sr. Georgette is a keen professional manager who leads the team's efficiency and maintains a vibrant marketing and networking strategy that has seen the Center grow in leaps and bounds and is attractive to many students.  

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 A Training program in three stages 

The Center, located in Karen Nairobi, Kenya, operates as a social enterprise business model in the hospitality industry. The facility offers business-class services focused on providing training and accommodations with a clean and modern character that is attractive to our visitors.  

 Living with people of all cultures 

The catering services feature delicious meals always presented in the high-level culinary art. The Trainees who work under the supervision of trained trainers supplement the service's quality and efficiency, making the business competitive both in service and pricing. 

 training and standard hospitality services 

St. Therese Vocational Training Center offers training and standard hospitality services, including accommodation facilities, cable TV, a free wireless network, and other amenities. Additionally, the institution has two conference rooms seating up to 80 and 20 guests with large flat smart screens and video cameras. 

 serves young people, business travelers 

The Center primarily serves young people, business travelers, local clients, and religious who all seek comfort, necessary amenities, and simplicity of services in a serene atmosphere. Therefore, the local guest takes a significant share of the guests seeking and procuring the services offered at the St. Therese Vocational training center. 

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P.O. Box 24215 00502
Karen – Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 739 309593/ 0796 111009
Email: info@rousselhouse.com

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Capital: Nairobi
Population: 44.35 million
Currency: Kenyan shilling
Official Languages: Swahili, English